To mark the month of spooky festivities, our team has curated a series of content focused on the chilling rise of cloud costs. But fear not, we also include success stories such as Expedia’s case study, which outlines how Expedia realized a cross-region data lake with 50% reduction in cloud egress costs. Enjoy and happy halloween 🎃!


SiliconAngle | ‘Stupid pill’: Fees for moving data around the cloud persist despite rising customer ire

Paul Gillin’s article dives into the herculean task of containing cloud costs and the hidden costs that enterprises may not have accounted for in adopting a cloud data strategy. Key takeaways include:

  • 73% of enterprises use two or more public clouds today and 81% plan to do so by 2024
  • 60% of public cloud customers encounter cost overruns
  • 34% of enterprises said egress charges have affected their use of cloud storage

Expedia case study | Unify cross-region data lake with 50% reduction in cloud egress costs

Expedia Group has implemented Alluxio to federate cross-region data lakes in AWS. Alluxio unifies geo-distributed data silos without replication, enabling consistent and high performance with ~50% reduced costs.

For more details, read the extended guest blog from Expedia engineer Jian Li.

Eckerson Blog | Data Orchestration: Simplifying Data Access for Analytics

Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group, introduces the rise of Data Orchestration as a virtualization layer that sits between computation and storage infrastructure in distributed, heterogeneous environments. 

Tutorial | Delta Lake + Alluxio: Building multi-cloud data lake using Delta Lake and Alluxio

Here is the quick-start tutorial on how to read and write Delta lake tables on Alluxio. You can build a multi-cloud data lake using Delta Lake and Alluxio, reducing your data storage costs and increasing flexibility.

Upcoming Events

Alluxio Product School | Alluxio 2.9 Release Preview | Live webinar | Nov 17, 10am PT

Alluxio’s Director of Product Management, Adit Madan, will introduce the latest features and enhancements in the Alluxio 2.9 release. This release significantly improves the scalability and manageability of the Alluxio data orchestration platform.  

Linux Foundation Member Summit | How to Foster Cross-Community Collaboration – Lessons Learned

Shouwei Chen from Alluxio & Ke Wang from Meta (Facebook) will share their experience and lessons learned in their collaboration across two independent open-source communities, Presto and Alluxio. Learn how to tackle the non-technical challenges that are magnified by the inter-community nature of the project with their talk at the Linux Foundation Member Summit on Nov 8.

Past events on-demand

APAC Modern Data Stack meetup

Check out the webinar replay of talks given by speakers from RisingWave Labs, Onehouse, Shopee, and Alluxio.

Big Data bellevue Meetup | Zookeeper vs Raft: Stateful Distributed Coordination with HA and Fault Tolerance

David Zhu (Tech Lead Manager & PMC) and Jasmine Wang (Head of Community & DevRel) explained the stateful coordination services in distributed systems and provided an example moving from Zookeeper to Raft for HA and fault tolerance.

UCSC Open Source Symposium | Closing the Gap between Compute and Storage

Shouwei Chen (Core Maintainer & Community PM) & Hope Wang (Technical Marketer) of Alluxio spoke at UC Santa Cruz Open Source Symposium. In the workshop, Closing the Gap between Compute and Data, they discussed industry trends, challenges, and success stories working in the open source ecosystem

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