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Alluxio (originally called Tachyon) started as an open source project from UC Berkeley’s AMPLab in 2014 by founder Haoyuan Li with the mission to orchestrate data for all data driven applications. We have now grown into a large and vibrant open source community! With over 1,200 contributors on Github and over 10,000 Slack community members, we were recognized as part of the Top 10 Most Critical Java Based Open Source Projects and named as one of the Top 100 Most Valuable Repositories on Github.

We invite you to read about, try out, use, and contribute to Alluxio, as well as to share your experience, feedback, suggestions and ideas!

New to Alluxio?

Welcome to a 3-part series to an introduction to Alluxio! This is a great starting resource for new developers and users of Alluxio, with short 2-3 minute videos. Alluxio’s Community Evangelist ChanChan Mao introduces the existing data problems that Alluxio was created to address, where Alluxio sits in the big data ecosystem, and how you can contribute to the Alluxio Open Source Project!


The Community Team has been producing short 3-4 min videos on various topics that could be a great resource to learn more about Alluxio, new features, and integrations with other tech stacks! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep an eye out for new videos every 2 weeks!

Alluxio Slack Community

We’ve reach 10,000+ Slack members! Join our vibrant and fast-growing Slack community to connect with users and developers of Alluxio. If you need help running or using Alluxio, get your technical questions answered by our global Alluxio community in #troubleshooting. Stay up to date with Alluxio news and events in #announcements. If you are a developer looking to contribute to Alluxio, check out #dev. If you are new to Alluxio and exploring, send you beginner friendly questions to #getting-started.


The Alluxio Open Source Contributors and Project Management Committee Members come from a diverse and experienced background. The project members includes committers with decades of experience from Tencent, Google, Palantir, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, IBM, Intel and JD.com. We invite you take a look at our Github repository and learn how you can contribute to the project!


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Alipay: Optimizing Alluxio for Efficient Large-Scale Training on Billions of Files

Chuanying Chen, Senior Software Engineer at Ant Group, provides a deep dive into the practices of optimizing Alluxio for reliable, scalable, and high-performance large-scale training on billions of files. 1. Background Ant Group, formerly known as Ant Financial, is an affiliate company of the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group. The group owns the world’s largest mobile … Continued

“Data Access as a Service” at Shopee: Using Alluxio to Accelerate Interactive Queries and Enhance Developer Experience with Flexible APIs

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. In this blog, Tianbao Ding and Haoning Sun from Shopee’s data infrastructure team share their project on query acceleration and “Data Access as a Service.” They describe how Shopee leverages Alluxio to improve Trino query performance by ~55% and how Alluxio enhances developer experience by providing … Continued

Get Started with Trino and Alluxio in 5 Minutes

This blog post discusses the synergy between Trino and Alluxio, and how to deploy Alluxio as the caching layer for Trino. You will learn Why should you choose Alluxio as a cache for Trino How do Trino and Alluxio work together How to configure Alluxio to point to S3 storage like MinIO How to query … Continued

Hopping into the Year of Rabbit with Alluxio Community

As we close out the Year of Tiger and welcome the Year of Rabbit, we are filled with gratitude for the support and contributions of the members of Alluxio Open Source Community. Thanks to your dedication and trust, the Alluxio Open Source project and community has continued to thrive and grow in ways we never … Continued

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