Alluxio services & support overview

Data Orchestration, big data, analytics and AI is changing rapidly and keeping your infrastructure up to date is hard as new storage and compute frameworks emerge so frequently. However, Data Orchestration has become a defining technology for companies’ success in that it simplifies the complexities that using many storage and compute frameworks can bring and enables faster and more efficient results.

To help get you up and running with Data Orchestration and to address the challenges of the big data/advanced analytics/AI space, Alluxio has created a dedicated team of consultants that work with the users of our Enterprise Edition.

Working with the Alluxio Services team

The Services team at Alluxio have deep knowledge and real world experience in implementing and managing Big Data Environments. That, coupled with a unique understanding of the challenges required to balance the demands of today’s advanced analytics use cases, allows us to supplement your team and knowledge to ensure Alluxio is not only a good fit but that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Alluxio offers a number of packaged services to support maximizing your investment in Alluxio and its Data Orchestration capabilities.

POC Support

Whether you need to perform a fast validation of a capability or a more in-depth confirmation of capabilities, Alluxio Consultants can help define, run and support your needs, documenting both the approach and results to allow you to fully understand potential benefits of using Alluxio in your architecture. We do this both from a technical and business case perspective to not only validate the technical benefit but also confirm the business benefit and the potential positive benefit case.

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Architecture Review

Thinking about using Alluxio in your project or wanting to get a review before putting your Alluxio service into production? Our team of experts will review your architecture, deployment and implementation and provide a written report with recommendations and suggestions to maximize the benefits of Alluxio in your environment.

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Upgrade/Migration Service

Want to make sure you are getting the best out of all Alluxio features, including new capabilities? Our team of experts will help with your upgrade or migration to Alluxio Enterprise. Make the move between versions with the least disruption to your business. 

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Health Check

As operations teams get even leaner, we can help confirm that you are maximizing your investment while minimizing the risk. Our team of consultants will review your Alluxio systems setup and architecture and provide a set of recommendations, if needed, in a written report.

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Technical Account Management

For those customers whose Data Orchestration needs are business critical or more complex in nature, Alluxio also offers a Technical Account Management Service. This provides a dedicated Alluxio consultant for a specific amount of time – this could be a day, a week, or even full time – to work with your team. This closeness and familiarity with your environment on a day-to-day basis ensures you get the best out of your data and run your Data Orchestration environment to its full potential.

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