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Alluxio Enterprise AI is a new product architected for AI. We bring your data to AI so that you can seamlessly access, manage, and run your AI/ML workloads anywhere.


ETL:Eat🍕, Talk🗣️, Laugh😆 | Happy Hour With Tobiko Data

Join us for an insightful conversation and learn how to optimize your data stack for efficient and reliable data pipelines 🚀 Hosted by Alluxio & Tobiko Data

You will hear from open-source projects SQLMesh and Alluxio, both of which have capabilities to address data pipeline efficiency challenges. SQLMesh optimizes workflow, while Alluxio optimizes the data access between compute engines and storage systems across the data pipeline. Also, a guest speaker will share his experience in operating data pipelines at internet scale with lessons learned.

The Alluxio Data Platform powers many of the most critical data-driven applications in the world.

Why Alluxio

Uniquely positioned between compute and storage, Alluxio provides a single pane of glass for enterprises to manage data and AI workloads across diverse infrastructure environments with ease. Alluxio Data Platform has two product offerings – Alluxio Enterprise Data and Alluxio Enterprise AI. Choose the product offering based on your workload’s needs, and enjoy epic performance, seamless data access, simplified data engineering, and cost savings. 

Data and AI Infrastructure Challenges



Trusted by the World’s Leading Organizations

“Alluxio has proven to be a valuable solution in addressing the data access challenges of hybrid cloud for Comcast. It has provided us with faster data access, reduced egress costs, and streamlined data management, resulting in more efficient and effective data value creation for the organization.”

“At Uber, we run Alluxio to accelerate all sorts of business-critical analytics queries at a large scale. Alluxio provides consistent performance in our big data processing use cases. As compute-storage separation continues to be the trend along with containerization in big data, we believe a unified layer …”

“With the introduction of Alluxio, we are seeing better performance, increased manageability, and lowered costs. We plan to implement Alluxio as the default cross-region data access in all clusters in the main data lake.”

End-to-End Machine Learning Pipeline Demo

Alluxio’s Senior Solutions Engineer Tarik Bennett walks through a short end-to-end machine learning pipeline demo with Alluxio integrated. See how Alluxio can be provisioned or mounted as a local folder for the PyTorch dataloader, delivering 90%+ GPU utilization and dramatically accelerating data loading times. 

1. Data Preparation

2. Setting up the Model

3. Setting up the PyTorch Profiler

4. Model Training


PyTorch Model Training & Performance Tuning


Solving the Data Loading Challenge for Machine Learning with Alluxio


Efficient Data Access Strategies For Large-scale AI

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