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Customer Case Study: Expedia

“With the introduction of Alluxio, we are seeing better performance, increased manageability, and lowered costs. We plan to implement Alluxio as the default cross-region data access in all clusters in the main data lake.”

— Jian Li, Senior Software Engineer at Expedia

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“Alluxio has proven to be a valuable solution in addressing the data access challenges of hybrid cloud for Comcast. It has provided us with faster data access, reduced egress costs, and streamlined data management, resulting in more efficient and effective data value creation for the organization.”

“At Uber, we run Alluxio to accelerate all sorts of business-critical analytics queries at a large scale. Alluxio provides consistent performance in our big data processing use cases. As compute-storage separation continues to be the trend along with containerization in big data, we believe a unified layer …”

“Alluxio with metadata caching shows up to 5.9x performance gain when handling large numbers of small files. Alluxio enables the separation of storage and compute by managing the allocated ephemeral disks to cache data from S3 local to Presto.”

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