Case Study | “Data Access as a Service” at Shopee: Using Alluxio to Accelerate Interactive Queries and Enhance Developer Experience with Flexible APIsTrino and Alluxio in 5 Minutes

Learn about how Shopee achieves query acceleration and “Data Access as a Service.” Tianbao Ding and Haoning Sun from Shopee’s data infrastructure team describe how Shopee leverages Alluxio to improve Trino query performance by ~55% and how Alluxio enhances developer experience by providing flexible data access through Alluxio-Fuse and Alluxio-S3 APIs.

🐰❤️ ⟁ Tutorial | Get Started with Trino and Alluxio in 5 Minutes 

Learn about  the synergy between Trino and Alluxio, and how to deploy Alluxio as the caching layer for Trino using Iceberg connector in 5 minutes: 

Alluxio Engineering Blog | Cross Cluster Synchronization in Alluxio

This blog series provides a deep dive into the design and implementation of the Cross Cluster Synchronization mechanism in Alluxio. This mechanism ensures that the metadata is consistent when running multiple Alluxio clusters.

Feb Product School On-demand Webinar | Alluxio Demo w/ Transparent URI

Learn how to integrate Alluxio with your existing data stack without redefining Hive tables. This article provides a tutorial on employing the Alluxio Transparent URI capability with Trino, Hive Metastore and Spark, and with MinIO as the S3-compatible object store.

Introduction to Alluxio: The full series

Introduction to Alluxio Series is now available! Community Evangelist ChanChan Mao introduces the problems that Alluxio is trying to solve, where Alluxio sits in the big data ecosystem, and how you can contribute to the Alluxio Open Source Project!

Upcoming Events

March Open Office Hours | Mar 9, 11:00 am PST

Alluxio is headed to Seattle again for Spark+AI’s first meetup of the year on Tues Jan 31! Come for great technical content, discussions, and food with Jasmine Wang (Head of Community & DevRel) & Shouwei Chen (Open Source PM & Core Maintainer)!

Scale 20x | March 12, 11:30 am PST & 1:30pm PST

Join Alluxio’s Tech Lead Manager David Zhu & Community Evangelist ChanChan Mao as they will go over a generic example of stateful coordination service moving from Zookeeper to Raft on Sunday March 12 at 11:30am.

Alluxio’s Senior Software Engineer Beinan Wang & Research Scientist Chunxu Tang, both also Presto Committers, will demonstrate the performance, scalability, & reliability of the stack combining Presto, Iceberg, & Alluxio on Sunday March 12 at 1:30pm.

Alluxio Product School Webinar | March 23, 11:00 am PST 

In March’s Product School session, Beinan, an Alluxio tech lead, Presto committer, and Trino contributor, will share expert tips for tuning Trino performance. In addition, he will demonstrate how to integrate Trino with Alluxio as a caching layer using connectors for Hive, Iceberg, Hudi, or Delta Lake.

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