Alluxio Data Orchestration Platform

Data access, agility, and manageability for large scale analytics and AI/ML


With Alluxio, you can connect any compute engine to any storage across any environment in any location.

Alluxio unifies data access no matter where your data resides, eliminating the need to move data to a single data lake or single cloud.

By bringing data closer to compute, Alluxio’s data caching capabilities speeds up large-scale analytics and AI workloads. And by eliminating copies and minimizing data movements, Alluxio reduces latency and saves bandwidth and egress costs.


With Alluxio, your data applications are easily portable across all environments.

Alluxio standardizes your data stack through a unified namespace, providing a single access model across all storage systems. Application developers no longer need to worry about where the data resides, and you can decouple compute and storage without worrying about application rewrites.

With Alluxio, spin up compute wherever it’s most cost effective, and your data platform gains true multi-cloud freedom.


Alluxio enables up to 70% in data infrastructure TCO savings, including reducing network egress costs and S3 API costs, enabling elastic compute, and saving platform operations costs.

By reducing the amount of data movement across the network, cloud egress costs are cut by half, and data infrastructure costs become more predictable. You not only understand where costs are allocated and but also have the levers to manage them.

As the only solution that provides a true separation between storage and compute, Alluxio future-proofs your data infrastructure, so you can easily adapt as your needs and tech stack evolve.

Customer Case Study: Expedia

“With the introduction of Alluxio, we are seeing better performance, increased manageability, and lowered costs. We plan to implement Alluxio as the default cross-region data access in all clusters in the main data lake.”

— Jian Li, Senior Software Engineer at Expedia

White Paper
Alluxio Overview: Open Source Data Orchestration Technology

Alluxio is an open source data orchestration platform for large-scale analytics and AI/ML applications. It provides a unified namespace for accessing data distributed across private data centers and clouds, and also provides advanced caching to address issues with data locality, performance, and data egress costs. Alluxio provides the data accessibility, locality, and elasticity needed to reduce complexity and improve the performance for analytics and AI/ML workloads.

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