Alluxio 2.6.1 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.6.1! This is an edge release for Alluxio open source on top of Alluxio 2.6.0, with a variety of bug fixes, documentation, and improvements.

Metrics Improvements

  • Add read time metrics for client local cache (c4bd024)
  • ​​Improve the metric of shadow cache for relatively small working set (3422cb6)
  • Add Fuse data structure size metrics and improve metrics docs (d588684c)
  • Add user info to ufs block read metrics (fceea2a)
  • Support export jvm metric (cd6fc34)
  • Add cluster_cache_hit_rate metric (0d8d17b)
  • Add CacheContext to URIStatus to enable per-read metrics (3ce5298)
  • Implement Shadow Cache (d135ce1)

UI Improvement

  • Support display clusterId from master ui (af54be3)
  • Add journal checkpoint warnings on UI (11ae654)

Other Improvement

  • Add soft kill option to all processes (df5dcab)
  • Invalidate cache after write operation (183552b)
  • Add Container Storage Interface (CSI) (3ec7ef9)
  • Improve server-side logging (1bd9345)
  • Disable RATIS’s RPC level safety (efbec94)
  • Support range header for s3 get object api (1d0c089)
  • Support using regex stand for schemeAuthority for udb mount options (62265d1)

Bug fixes

  • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException on async cache (6ad1e4f)
  • Fix client pool leak (9682207)
  • Fix async cache error (7d70714)
  • Fix NPE during swap-restore plan generation (030ce84)
  • Fix integer overflow in usedPercentage (3f73cf9)
  • Fix exception propagation for RPC connection retries (4705d65)


We would like to thank our community contributors:  Arthur Jenoudet, BUPTAnderson, Binyang2014, Eugene, Houliang Qi, Kaijie Chen, Song Juchao, WonderJingle, Yaolong Liu, Zac ,Blanco, Zhan Yuan, Zhenyu Song, Zhichao Zhang, bingzheng,, jayzhenghan, jhonxue, kqhzz, l-shen, langlaile1221, litao, lzhcool, maobaolong, ns7381, qian0817, 林伟-161220078

Enjoy the new release and look forward to hearing your feedback at the community slack channel.