Alluxio 1.8.2 Release

We are excited to announce Alluxio version 1.8.2, a maintenance release containing several important bug fixes. The release improves usability and resolves several issues.


  • Support connecting to Multiple ZK Quorums with different authentication types (Alluxio#9451)
  • Support specifying allow_other/allow_root mount options when creating Alluxio FUSE mount point (ALLUXIO-2231)
  • Support daily metadata backup (ALLUXIO-3384)
  • Hide AWS credentials in fs mount command (Alluxio#8260)  
  • Improve UFS journal failure handling (Alluxio#9290
  • Improve master startup time (ALLUXIO-3342)
  • Performance enhancements for ObjectStore UFS 
  • Performance improvements for certain CLI commands


  • Correct POSIX API write then read and write then get status workflows (ALLUXIO-3391)
  • Create checkpoints in secondary master as it’s supposed to (Alluxio#8390)
  • Allow chown/chmod for file owner without write privilege (Alluxio#9507
  • Fix a NullPointerException on an S3 compatible UFS corner case (Alluxio#9176
  • Fix file/directory time to leave behavior (Alluxio#9569
  • Fix journal replay issue in concurrent create rename workflow (Alluxio#8618)
  • Fix authentication with kerberized HDFS (Alluxio#8236