Consistent Hashing in Alluxio DORA

Consistent hashing is a special technique that allows hash rings to be expanded or shrunk dynamically with minimal disruption. Alluxio’s DORA (Decentralized Object Repository Architecture) uses consistent hashing for load balancing when scaling nodes. To reach the goal of fast performance, strict consistency, and load balancing, we analyze, evaluate, and select the most suitable consistent … Continued

Introducing DORA: The Next-generation Alluxio Architecture

Today, we are thrilled to launch the Alluxio Enterprise AI product. One of the key innovations is the introduction of the next-generation architecture DORA – a Decentralized Object Repository Architecture. This blog talks about our development of the DORA architecture, including our motivation, design decisions, and implementation. 1. Moving from Data Analytics to the AI … Continued

Millions Saved Annually: Unleashing the Power of Alluxio + HDFS at Uber

In October 2022, Uber’s Presto team shared in a blog post using the Alluxio SDK cache to boost Presto query performance and cost efficiency. This achievement is a major milestone in the collaboration between Alluxio and Uber. Thus far, the Uber Presto team has implemented the Alluxio SDK cache in three production clusters spanning over … Continued