Welcome to Alluxio.io!

Notice anything new about our websites? That’s right – we are super excited to launch our new website – Alluxio.io! As we continue our focus on our open source community, one important item on our mind was to rebuild our website to provide better user experience for our community. To that end, you’ll see lots … Continued

Founder Blog | Alluxio Chapter 2.0

In the early 2000s, big data was born, and technology companies were racing to create the next-gen compute frameworks or storage systems geared towards the requirements brought about by big data. By the time I was a first year Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley’s AMPLab in 2011, numerous advances in big data related technologies such as Apache … Continued

Introducing Alluxio Open Source Project Governance

Alluxio, formerly Tachyon, began as a research project at UC Berkeley’s AMPLab in 2012. This year we announced the 1.0 release of Alluxio, the world’s first memory speed virtual distributed storage system, which unifies data access and bridges computation frameworks and underlying storage systems. We have been working closely with the Alluxio community on realizing the vision of Alluxio … Continued