Welcome to Alluxio.io!

Notice anything new about our websites? That’s right – we are super excited to launch our new website – Alluxio.io! As we continue our focus on our open source community, one important item on our mind was to rebuild our website to provide better user experience for our community. To that end, you’ll see lots … Continued

Unified Data Access In Virtual Reality

In a recent blog, we discussed the ideation, design and new features in Alluxio 2.0 preview. Today we are thrilled to announce another new revolutionary project that the Alluxio engineering team has been hard at work on for the past year – the Alluxio Virtual Reality (VR) client. One of the biggest obstacles for new Alluxio users … Continued

Getting Started with Alluxio and Spark in 5 Minutes

Introduction Apache Spark has brought significant innovation to Big Data computing, but its results are even more extraordinary when paired with Alluxio. Alluxio, provides Spark with a reliable data sharing layer, enabling Spark to excel at performing application logic while Alluxio handles storage. Bazaarvoice uses the combination of Spark and Alluxio to provide a real time … Continued

Announcing Alluxio 2.0 Preview – enabling hyper-scale data workloads in the cloud

We are thrilled and excited to announce the availability of Alluxio 2.0 Preview Release – the largest open source release with the most new features and improvements since the creation of the project. It is now available for download and release notes are available here. The ideation & design phase When the core project team started to think … Continued

Asynchronous Caching in Alluxio – High Performance for Partial Read Caching

Overview An Alluxio cluster caches data from connected storage systems in memory to create a data layer that can be accessed concurrently by multiple application frameworks. This greatly improves performance for many analytics workloads. On-demand caching occurs when clients read blocks of data using a ‘CACHE’ read type from persistent storage systems connected to the … Continued

Enabling Decoupled Compute and Storage with Alluxio

Enabling Decoupled Compute and Storage with Alluxio This blog explores the benefits Alluxio brings to data platforms, including: The trends behind the rise of decoupled compute-storage architectures How Alluxio addresses data access issues for decoupled compute-storage architectures An example of Alluxio’s benefits using a SparkSQL workload Motivation The primary appeal of a coupled compute-storage architecture, … Continued

Announcing the Release of Alluxio Enterprise Edition and Community Edition v1.7.0

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio Enterprise Edition (AEE) and Community Edition (ACE) v1.7.0. This release brings enhanced caching policies, further ecosystem integrations, and significant usability improvements. One highlight is the Alluxio FUSE API which provides users with the ability to interact with Alluxio through a local filesystem mount. Alluxio FUSE is … Continued

What’s new in Alluxio 1.4.0

Alluxio 1.4.0 has been released with a large number of new features and improvements. This blog highlights some stand out aspects of the Alluxio 1.4.0 open source release. Improved Alluxio Under Storage API Native File System REST Interface Packet Streaming Improved Alluxio Under Storage API Alluxio is a system which bridges the gap between computation … Continued

Using Alluxio to Improve the Performance and Consistency of HDFS Clusters

Introduction Alluxio is the world’s first memory-speed virtual distributed storage system that bridges applications and underlying storage systems, providing unified data access orders of magnitudes faster than existing solutions. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a distributed file system for storing large volumes of data. HDFS popularized the paradigm of bringing computation to data … Continued