Alluxio and Mesosphere partner to enable fast on-demand analytics with Alluxio and DC/OS

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Mesosphere to enable fast on-demand analytics with Alluxio via Mesosphere’s DC/OS in one-click. This partnership is a natural extension of the synergy between Alluxio and DC/OS.

Alluxio, the world’s first system that unifies data at memory speed, allows enterprises to manage and analyze data stored across disparate storage systems on premise and in the cloud at memory speed. Mesosphere brings enterprises the power of cloud native technologies, with the control to run on any infrastructure – datacenter or cloud.

Mesosphere DC/OS is a production-proven platform that powers both modern app components – containers and data services – so businesses can accelerate time to market with confidence, and save. We have seen tremendous interest from users to be able to run Alluxio via DC/OS.

With this integration, Alluxio Enterprise Edition (AEE) is now generally available and will be supported both on Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS and the open source DC/OS distribution. Alluxio AEE joins other popular services as part of the DC/OS Universe “app store.” These range from web servers and CI/CD systems to distributed databases, file systems and analytics tools.

Top 5 Reasons to Run Alluxio and DC/OS

Reason 1. One-click to deploy Alluxio via DC/OS

With this integration, you can deploy Alluxio in minutes and realize fast on-demand analytics. Choose between command line and GUI based installation to suit your preferences.

Reason 2. Unified view and management of all your data

Alluxio connects any compute framework, such as Apache Spark, to disparate storage systems via a unified global file system namespace, and enables any application to interact with data stored on premise and in the cloud at memory speed. This eliminates the pain of ETL, data duplication and migration, as well as enables new workflows across data stored in any storage system, including cross-data center storage.

Reason 3. Superior operational environment

Aside from making it easy to install and deploy distributed systems and containers, DC/OS also provides them with “Day 2” operational improvements such as high availability, easy scalability and zero-downtime updates. You can scale and upgrade Alluxio with ease. Additionally, DC/OS offers tools to help you monitor and perform health checks on your applications.

Reason 4. Efficient resource utilization

By decoupling compute from storage, Alluxio allows organizations to scale compute and storage resources independently. Whereas, DC/OS ensures your resource allocation at the server level is also optimized.

Reason 5. High performance and predictable SLA

Alluxio is co-located with compute, thereby provides memory speed access to data, and orders of magnitude improvement in runtime of jobs. Additionally, Alluxio delivers predictable SLA giving you more control and confidence in meeting your requirements.

How to Get Started

All you need is to install the upcoming release of DC/OS version 1.9 or newer, and then deploying Alluxio within DC/OS is as easy as typing the following:

dcos package install --yes --options=alluxio-config.json alluxio

where, alluxio-config.json specifies an AEE license and other required parameters.

Alluxio can also be deployed using the Mesosphere UI.

We at Alluxio are excited to partner with Mesosphere and make this solution available to our customers. Please also join us for a webinar on this topic on Tuesday Apr 4 and 10AM PST.

For more information, please see the following –

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