ALLUXIO Highlights

White Paper | Rise of the Data Access Layer for Analytics & AI

Explores the transformative capabilities of the Data Access Layer and how it can simplify and accelerate your analytics and AI workloads. In this new research paper, Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group, shares the architecture and use cases for a Data Access Layer and how it can help achieve analytics and AI goals with successful performance. 

Live Webinar| Efficient Data Loading for Model Training in AWS

Model training requires extensive computational and GPU resources. In this webinar, Greg Palmer will discuss best practices for efficient data loading during model training on AWS. He will demonstrate how to use Alluxio on EKS as a distributed cache to accelerate PyTorch training jobs that read datasets from S3. This architecture significantly improves the utilization of GPUs from 30% to 90%+, archives ~5x faster training, and lower cloud storage costs.

What you will learn:

  • The challenges of feeding data-hungry GPUs in the cloud
  • Best practices to accelerate model training by optimizing data loading on AWS
  • The reference architecture for running PyTorch jobs with Alluxio cache on EKS while reading data from S3, with benchmark results of training ResNet50 and BERT
  • How to use TensorBoard to identify bottlenecks in GPU utilization

New Ebook! | PyTorch Model Training Performance Tuning: A Comprehensive Guide

You may think PyTorch performance tuning is a daunting topic. This guide breaks down this complex topic into easily consumable tips with concrete examples. Learn how to reduce end-to-end latency by 5-10x and deliver optimal training speeds at lower costs.


Blog | Speed Up Trino Queries with These Performance Tuning Tips

This blog provides top tuning tips and practices for Trino optimization with ways to identify performance bottlenecks.

Blog | Alluxio Kubernetes Operator Tutorial: Simplifying Deploying and Managing Alluxio Clusters

Read this tutorial to learn how to use the Kubernetes operator to simplify deploying and managing Alluxio clusters on Kubernetes

Mini Video Series

[New Series ALERT!] Maximizing GPU Utilization

In case you missed our recent webinar on Maximizing GPU Utilization, check out these short snippets where Beinan Wang & Tarik Bennett share how Alluxio fits into the architecture of model training platforms and how training tests work with Alluxio:

We have new videos releasing every 2 weeks. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned!

Upcoming Events

AI Conference | Sep 26-27 @ William J.Rutter Center, San Francisco

Alluxio is a proud sponsor for the upcoming AI Conference at Willaim J.Rutter Center in SF, Sep 26-27. Visit us at booth 3C and learn how to accelerate model training and serving by 10-20X without the need for cost specialized storage. 

Use this promo code to get 18% off on the tickets: alluxio18

Past events on-demand

DM Radio | Industrial Data Pipelines: Fueling the Modern Enterprise

Check out the recap from DM Radio with Beinan Wang of Alluxio, Mike Ferguson of Big Data London, and Sean Knapp of

Webinar On-Demand | Accelerate Your AI Path to Production: Streamline model training at scale with Alluxio

In this webinar, Roland Theron, Senior Solutions Engineer at Alluxio, gave a compelling presentation on how Alluxio can help organizations build their AI infra on existing data lakes and accelerate their AI/ML workloads.

Webinar On-Demand | Simplifying and Accelerating Data Access for AI/ML Model Training

In this webinar, Kevin Petrie, Eckerson Group VP of Research, and Sridhar Venkatesh, Alluxio SVP of Product, explore tools, techniques, and best practices to remove data access bottlenecks and accelerate AI ML model training.

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