Join us at the virtual Data Orchestration Summit on December 8-9. Speaker lineup spans creators and committers of Apache Spark and Presto to data engineers and software engineers building cloud-native data and AI platforms at Comcast, Facebook, Robinhood and more. Register for free to attend and enter the raffle for a chance to win the latest iPad Air, Airpod, or $25 Amazon gift card!


Introducing Alluxio 2.4

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.4.0! This office hour will go over newly added features including cloud native deployment, simplified DevOps and system monitoring, as well as support for Java11.

Announcing the release of the Data Orchestration Hub

Data Orchestration Hub, or the Hub, is a management console that makes it easy to manage an analytics cluster and connect it with multiple data sources to unify data lakes. The service provides an easy to use unified management view for configuration and monitoring, and wizard based curation of deployment workflows. Read the latest product blog to learn more.

Accelerating Data Computation on Ceph Objects using Alluxio
Nov 10 | Global Online Meetup

In this talk, Dr. Leonardo Militano from Zurich University of Applied Sciences will present how using Alluxio computation and storage ecosystems can better interact benefiting of the “bringing the data close to the code” approach. Moving away from the complete disaggregation of computation and storage, data locality can enhance the computation performance. During this talk, we will present our observations and testing results that will show important enhancements in accelerating Spark Data Analytics on Ceph Objects Storage using Alluxio.

Alluxio PMC Spotlight

In this month’s PMC Spotlight, we are honored to feature Dr. Rong Gu, a founding PMC member and maintainer of the Alluxio Open Source project. Rong is an associate researcher at the Department of Computer Science of Nanjing University. He is also the author of one monograph on distributed file systems and has published more than 20 papers in peer-reviewed frontier journals. His research has been applied at Intel, Alibaba, Baidu, ByteDance, Sinopec, Huatai Securities, etc. Previously, Rong worked in the R&D of big data systems at Microsoft Research, Intel, and Baidu. Rong started contributing to Alluxio Open Source while pursuing his Ph.D. at PASALab at Nanjing University. Since then, Rong has made significant contributions to the optimization of the Alluxio project’s caching strategy, performance evaluation, and the construction of the Chinese community.

Recap of OCTOBER

On Demand | Hybrid Data Lake Architecture with Presto & Spark in the cloud accessing on-prem storage

Baolong Mao from Tencent shares his experience in developing Apache Ozone Under File System, showing how to create a new Alluxio Under File System in a few steps with minimal lines of code. The UFS connects to any file systems or object stores, so users can mount different storages like AWS S3 or HDFS into Alluxio namespace.

On Demand | Accelerate Analytics and ML in the Hybrid Cloud Era

Do you have data on-premises and wish to leverage the public cloud to burst compute? Join this monthly overview tech talk and learn more about how Alluxio’s Data Orchestration for the hybrid cloud era solves both performance and data management challenges.

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