Community Event | Alluxio Day X features Bilibili, Presto, Uber | Webinar Replay

Alluxio Day X featured open source contributors and Presto users from bilibili, Uber, plus Alluxio core maintainers. Learn how Uber improves Presto performance with Alluxio, how bilibili increases AI training efficiency, and take a deep dive into Alluxio’s own journal evolution. Session replays now available on-demand.

Product School Series | Geo-distributed Analytics with NetApp StorageGRID and Alluxio | Webinar Replay

Alluxio is excited to announce its partnership with NetApp! The Alluxio + NetApp StorageGRID joint solution provides a reliable platform that enables a wide range of enterprise-grade, geo-distributed analytics and AI across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. On March 24, we hosted a joint talk that covered use case and architecture info from a variety of enterprises and some of the high-level technical details of how these business solutions are constructed. If you missed the live event, check out the webinar replay.

Orchestrating Data for Machine Learning Pipelines | InfoWorld

Alluxio founding member and VP of Open Source, Bin Fan, describes a new approach for more efficient data pipelines for end-to-end machine learning with ML frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch in Kubernetes environments. Check out the latest approaches and best practices.

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Improving Presto Architectural Decisions with Alluxio Shadow Cache at Meta (Facebook)

cache     Presto     SQL 

With the collaboration between Meta (Facebook), Princeton University, and Alluxio, our community users have developed “Shadow Cache” – a lightweight Alluxio component to track the working set size and infinite cache hit ratio. Shadow cache is deployed in Meta (Facebook) Presto and is being leveraged to understand the system bottlenecks and help with routing design decisions. Learn more about this solution.

Accelerate Auto Data Tagging with Alluxio and Spark in Hybrid Cloud – A Practice in WeRide

autonomous driving     AI   

WeRide, an autonomous driving technology company, introduced the practice of using Alluxio and Spark to accelerate the auto data-tagging system, which resulted in 7x faster performance. Learn more about this user story.

Pair Spark with Alluxio to Modernize Your Data Platform

 architecture     benchmark  

With Alluxio and Spark together, you can modernize your data platform in a cost-effective, agile, and scalable way. In this blog, we provide an overview of the Spark & Alluxio stack, explain the architecture with real-world examples, describe deployment models, and present performance and cost benchmarking guidance.

10-Min Tutorial – How to Set Up Monitoring System for Alluxio with Prometheus and Grafana

 JSON     SinkInterface  

By introducing Prometheus and Grafana, Tencent has built a more flexible, agile and easy-to-use monitoring system for Alluxio. This blog introduces how Tencent uses Prometheus and Grafana to set up a monitoring system for Alluxio in 10 minutes.


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⇩ Presto with Alluxio Overview – Architecture Evolution for Interactive Queries

⇩ Accelerating Machine Learning / Deep Learning in the Cloud: Architecture and Benchmark

⇩ Alluxio Use Cases Overview


Kevin Xiaohua Cai is a software engineer at Ant Group (affiliated with Alibaba Group). He is the tech lead of the Ant Group storage team, expertizing in distributed storage and helping Ant Group’s business team to build robust service on top of scalable storage in variant scenarios. Kevin has also contributed significantly to the Alluxio community by raising high-quality issues and supporting the evolution of Alluxio in ML scenarios. The core Alluxio tech team highly appreciates his contribution!

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