JUly 2021

New Content

Alluxio Community Day IV – Watch sessions on-demand

Hear from Alluxio users at Facebook, TikTok, Intel, Tencent and more share their experiences and insights on speeding up large-scale data access, including getting up to 10x better Presto performance.

Alluxio Community Day III – Watch sessions on-demand

Hear from Alluxio users at Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud, NVIDIA, Aspect Analytics, as well as Alluxio’s community team experts share their experiences speeding up large-scale Spark and ML/DL workloads, leverage GPU-powered analytics, and more.   

Aunalytics Leverages Alluxio as a “one-stop-shop” for Data I/O

Case study highlighting how Aunalytics is speeding up analytics performance and using Alluxio as a “one-stop-shop” for data I/O across multiple storage environments.

AWS Blog: Bursting Your On-Premises Data Lake Analytics and AI Workloads on AWS

Learn about building a hybrid data lake with Alluxio to leverage analytics and AI on Amazon Web Services (AWS) alongside a multi-petabyte on-premises data lake. Alluxio’s solution is called “zero-copy” hybrid cloud, employing a cloud migration approach without first copying data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

2021 Highlights

Substantial Performance and Ease of Use Improvements to GPU-Centric AI/ML Workloads with v2.6 Release

New features bring substantial performance and ease of use improvements to GPU-centric AI/ML workloads with the latest release.

Alluxio Achieves 3.5x Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth; Alluxio Data Orchestration Platform Now Powering 5 of Top 6 Cloud Providers

Thanks to the commitment of our customers, partners, and the vibrant Alluxio community, we are proud to share that we closed last year with record sales growth of 3.5x.

Good Reads

Product Blog | What’s New in Alluxio 2.6: Better Performance for AI/ML Workloads plus Increased Operating Metrics Visibility

Blog | Accelerating Analytics and AI with Alluxio and NVIDIA GPUs