Event Recap | Data Infra Meetup

Hear from Uber, ByteDance, CMU, Alluxio and more on the challenges and various approaches to building scalable Data & AI Infra. From Uber’s Data Storage Evolution to Distributed PyTorch and Ray in the Cloud!

Data Infra Meetup is now on-demand

Call for Speakers!! 📢

We regularly host meetups and events for our global community of data and AI practitioners working to build analytics and AI infrastructure at scale. Being a speaker at our events is a great opportunity to share your technical expertise and knowledge with the developer community. To be considered for a speaker in our future events, fill out this form.

2023 Community Recap Blog | Setting the Stage for Alluxio Community to Soar in the Year of the Dragon

Happy new year to Alluxio Community members! Can you believe it’s 2024 already? We’d like to take the chance to look back and celebrate an incredible year of 2023 for the Alluxio community. Thank you to all of our contributors and the broader community 💖. Dive into this blog to see what we have achieved together

New White Paper 📖 | Choosing the Right Architecture for Enterprise AI Workloads in Production

This white paper discusses architectural considerations for optimizing data access in enterprise-grade AI infrastructure with reference architecture on AWS and benchmarks.

Mini Videos & GOOD READS

Mini Videos | Alluxio Integration Made Easy: POSIX, Python, and S3 API

See just how easy it is to connect to Alluxio via the POSIX API, Python library, or S3 API and seamlessly integrate Alluxio into your tech stack.

Mini Videos | Rise of Data Access Challenges for AI Workloads

Learn about the strong need for efficient data access in the growing artificial intelligence and machine learning landscape and the common challenges that have since emerged

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Blog | Accelerating Data Loading in Large-Scale ML Training With Ray and Alluxio

Learn how you can accelerate data loading in model training by integrating Alluxio with Ray. Benchmarks show Alluxio caching improves throughput 2-5x over S3.

Blog | A Journey Towards Data Locality on Cloud for Machine Learning and AI

Data locality refers to having compute jobs located close to the data they need to access. This blog post discusses how to use Alluxio to balance cost reduction with performance maximization through data locality.

Past events on-demand

PrestoCon 2023 | Presto Optimization with Distributed Caching on Data Lake

When using cloud storage systems like S3, Presto users and developers often run into problems such as inconsistent query performance, and high API and egress costs. Alluxio’s Beinan Wang, Senior Staff Engineer, and Hope Wang, Developer Advocate shared how to overcome them by using caching in Presto.

OSA CON 2023 | Maximizing Query Speed and Minimizing Costs in Data Lakes with Open-Source Caching

Beinan Wang, Alluxio’s Senior Staff Engineer, shared an open-source caching framework designed to improve performance by 1.5x and reduce storage costs by millions per year at OSA CON 2023. The framework leverages tools like Hadoop, Parquet, Hudi, and Alluxio and applies to both on-prem and cloud environments.

Alluxio Monthly Webinar |  Five Disruptive Trends that Every Data & AI Leader Should Understand

Kevin Petrie (VP of Research at Eckerson Group) and Omid Razavi (SVP of Customer Success at Alluxio) shared key trends that data and AI leaders should know during our latest monthly webinar. This on-demand session will efficiently guide you with market data and expert insights to drive successful business outcomes.

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Efficient Data Access Strategies For Large-scale AI – Architecture and Considerations in Machine Learning Pipeline

Rise of the Data Access Layer for Analytics & AI

Choosing the Right Architecture for Enterprise AI Workloads in Production


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