In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find info on how Tencent uses Alluxio to power their game AI platform, Presto caching internals, guidance for contributing to the Alluxio Open Source Project, modernizing your data platform, new resources for machine learning, and more.


5-Minute Tutorial: How to Become a Contributor to Alluxio Open Source Project

There are over 1,000 contributors to the Alluxio Project and the community welcomes more! If you’re interested in contributing to the project, check out this 5-minute beginner tutorial for new contributors.

New Event – Alluxio Day X features Bilibili, Presto, Uber
March 3, 9:30 AM PT

The Alluxio Day online community event series is created to showcase collaborations with our users, and to provide high quality technical talks and discussions to help the community members grow together. Join us at our 10th Alluxio Day with Alluxio Open Source contributors and Presto users from Uber, Bilibili, and the Alluxio core maintainers. If you are unable to attend, sign up to receive the exclusive webinar replay.

Virtual Product School | Webinar Replay – Architecting a Modern Data Platform for Heterogeneous Data Across Clusters, Regions, and Clouds

Alluxio foresaw the need for agility when accessing data across silos separated from compute engines like Spark, Presto, TensorFlow and PyTorch. Embracing the separation of storage from compute, the Alluxio data orchestration platform simplifies adoption of the data lake and data mesh paradigm for analytics and AI/ML. Alluxio’s Sr. Product Manager, Adit Madan, shares observations to help you identify ways to use the platform to meet the needs of your data environment and workloads. Missed this live session? Webinar replay is available now.

3x Revenue Growth for the Second Year in a Row 

Alluxio data orchestration now powers seven of the ten largest companies (by market cap) in the world, and we grew revenues by over 3x from the previous year. We appreciate all the support from our customers and the Alluxio community. Learn about other highlights from a remarkable year, and note: we’re hiring globally! See job openings at the end of this newsletter.

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Thousand-Node Alluxio Cluster Powers Game AI Platform – A Production Case Study from Tencent

Tencent     AI      ML   K8S 

For game AI training, Tencent has implemented a 1000-node Alluxio cluster and designed a high-performance, scalable & robust architecture to speed up Ceph storage. This case study gives insight into how Alluxio was implemented at a large scale at Tencent.

Alluxio and Apache Ranger Best Practices

 security     governance      data caching  

Alluxio supports using Apache Ranger to manage and enforce access to directories and files. In this blog, our Lead Solution Engineer, Gregory Palmer explains how to use Apache Ranger for Alluxio authorization in two ways. Check it out.

Using Consistent Hashing in Presto to Improve Caching Data Locality in Dynamic Clusters

 architecture     cloud  

Check out how Alluxio helps Presto to become a self-serve data architecture across clouds. With Alluxio, you can simplify the adoption of the data lake and data mesh paradigms for analytics and AI/ML workloads.

Self-Serve Data Architecture with Presto and Alluxio Across Clouds

 architecture     cloud  

Running inference at scale is challenging. In this blog, our users Software Engineer Binyang Li and Sr. Research Software Engineer Qianxi Zhang shared their observations and the practice of using Alluxio to speed up the I/O performance for large-scale ML/DL offline inference at Microsoft Bing. Check out their user story.

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With the recent complete Series C investment, Alluxio will continue fueling its rapid growth by investing in expanded product capabilities as well as scaling go-to-market and engineering operations across the globe. Check out over 20 job opportunities here.

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