Holiday office hours

Holiday Open Office Hour | Dec 14, 12:00 pm PST

Are you looking to speed up your queries? Are you stuck in your cloud migration journey? Have challenges onboarding new applications? Join our holiday office hour where Presto Committer Beinan and Alluxio’s Technical Evangelist Hope will answer all of your questions! Stay till the end to participate in the holiday raffle for a chance to win some prizes!


Alluxio 2.9 is Here!

Learn about the new improvements of Alluxio 2.9 (Community Edition & Enterprise Edition) – Multi-Alluxio Synchronization, Kubernetes Operator and Flexible S3 Access Control.

For an exhaustive list of major features and bug fixes of Alluxio 2.9, please refer to:

Eckerson Blog Series | Architecting Data Orchestration

In part I of this blog series, Kevin Petrie,VP of Research at Eckerson Group Introduces the rise of Data Orchestration as a virtualization layer that sits between computation and storage infrastructure in distributed, heterogeneous environments. 

Kevin Petrie further explores four use cases for data orchestration and examples of the supporting architectural elements in the freshly published data orchestration blog series – part II.

Upcoming Events

Presto Con | Scaling Cache for Presto Iceberg Connector | Dec 8, 1:45 pm PST

Learn about how to cache Iceberg data and metadata for the Presto Iceberg connector with Alluxio’s Beinan Wang (Sr Software Engineer & PrestoDB Committer) and Twitter’s Chunxu Tang (Sr Software Engineer & Open Source Advocate). Don’t miss their talk at PrestoCon on Thur 12/8 at 1:45 pm PST.

Past events on-demand

Nov Product School | Alluxio 2.9 Overview

In November’s Product School, Adit Madan, Director of Product Management at Alluxio, highlights new features, enhanced manageability, improved security and performance in Alluxio 2.9 release.

TFiR Newsroom | Three Major Highlights of Alluxio 2.9

Alluxio’s Director of Product Management, Adit Madan, discusses how companies are looking to maximize agility in order to become more efficient and help reduce costs and how the new release of Alluxio 2.9 is helping enterprises on TFiR: Newsroom. 

DMRadio | Learning Curve? Understanding ML’s Growing Role

Listen to the latest broadcast of DMRadio hosted by Eric Kavanagh (The Bloor Group). We will hear the latest trends in AI from @Bin Fan (Alluxio), Amit Paka (, and Ryan Ries (Mission Cloud Services).

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