The Path to Migrating off mapr

Need to move off of MapR? Alluxio can help you migrate to a modern, disaggregated data stack using any object store with the similar performance of Hadoop plus significant cost savings.

challenges with mapr?

If you’re a MapR user, you might have concerns with your existing data stack

Hadoop is too complex

MapR financial instability & no future product roadmap

No flexibility with storage &
compute colocated

alluxio + object store to the rescue

Alluxio can help. Separate your compute and storage on-prem and architect a new data stack that makes your object store the core.

Pick a compute to offload MapR/HDFS to an object store.

Run all of your existing workloads on any object store.

See how DBS Bank did it >

accelerated workloads for object stores

Dramatically speed up your Spark, Presto, Tensorflow, and other analytics frameworks on your object store with Alluxio. Pick any object store and run all of your existing workloads on it either on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

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  • Lower costs
  • Elastic compute and flexibility
  • True separation of storage and compute

Get the same performance as HDFS and use HDFS APIs with Alluxio in your object store stack. Integrate with many object stores including AWS S3, Azure Blob Store, Google Cloud Storage, Ceph, GlusterFS, Minio, SwiftStack, Cleversafe, Dell EMC ECS, and more.