Can’t burst Hadoop HDFS in your hybrid cloud environment? With Alluxio, simplify Hadoop for hybrid cloud data storage by making on-premise Hadoop accessible to any compute in any cloud.


Making Hadoop HDFS accessible site to cloud is complex.

Accessing data over WAN is too slow

Copying data via DistCP from on-prem to cloud means maintaining duplicate data

Using other storage systems like S3 means expensive application changes

Using S3 via the Hadoop HDFS connector leads to extremely low performance

The growing amount of data and queries makes it hard to scale on-prem HDFS clusters

burst analytics workloads in hybrid cloud environments with alluxio

Enable efficient data access and create high performance hybrid cloud data analytics and storage systems.

Deploy Alluxio + compute in the cloud and on-premise HDFS

Deploy Alluxio + compute on-premise and S3 in the cloud

Integrate on-prem data stores like HDFS with Alluxio and get high performance in your hybrid cloud environment, with all of your I/O offloaded. Burst your analytics workloads into the cloud on-demand, when you need it.

Want help making your on-prem HDFS accessible to compute in the cloud? Schedule a meeting with an Alluxio solutions engineer.

alluxio in your hybrid cloud environment

Get started with Alluxio and HDFS today.

alluxio with hdfs

Configure Alluxio with HDFS as the under storage system in three steps.

alluxio with multiple hdfs

Mount multiple HDFS clusters as under storage to a single Alluxio namespace.

configuring alluxio + hdfs in the public cloud

Alluxio works with any public cloud to provide an enterprise hybrid cloud analytics strategy to burst compute that spans on-prem and cloud data stores. By bringing the data to the analytics and machine learning applications, the performance is the same as having the data co-located in the cloud. Plus, the on-prem data stores will have offloaded the computation and minimized the additional I/O overhead.

alluxio in google cloud

Configure Alluxio in Google Cloud with on-premise HDFS

alluxio in aws

Configure Alluxio in AWS with on-premise HDFS

alluxio in azure

Configure Alluxio in Azure with on-premise HDFS


Hybrid Environments for Data Analytics is a Possibility

As the data ecosystem becomes massively complex and more and more disaggregated, data analysts and end users have trouble adapting and working with hybrid environments. The proliferation of compute applications along with storage mediums leads to a hybrid model that we are just not accustomed to.
With this disaggregated system data engineers now come across a multitude of problems that they must overcome in order to get meaningful insights.