Unlock the full potential of your data platform with Trino and Alluxio. Companies like Expedia, Shopee, and Robinhood have already seen significant benefits from integrating Trino with Alluxio.

the benefits of trino + alluxio

Alluxio provides application portability, unified data access, and cost reduction to Trino interactive analytic workloads. Alluxio connects Trino to a variety of storage systems, providing seamless access to your data through flexible APIs and a unified namespace. No matter where your data is stored, Alluxio makes it accessible to Trino, and transparently caches frequently accessed data for better performance.

Alluxio provides data access to Trino workloads across datacenters, regions and clouds

Alluxio makes Trino applications portable across hybrid or multi cloud

Alluxio serves as a shared cache between Trino workers, and across Trino clusters and other compute engines like Spark

Alluxio enables resilient caching, so that you can save money using spot instances without losing cached data

Alluxio enhances queries performances by reducing I/O access latency while co-locating with Trino

Alluxio simplifies data management by providing flexible APIs and a unified namespace

case studies

Expedia Group has implemented Alluxio to federate cross-region data lakes in AWS for Trino. Alluxio unifies geo-distributed data silos without replication, enabling consistent and high performance with ~50% reduced costs.

Shopee leverages Alluxio to improve Trino query performance by ~55% and enhances developer experience by providing flexible data access through Alluxio-Fuse and Alluxio-S3 APIs.

getting started With Trino and Alluxio in 5 minutes