Improve Presto Architectural Decisions with Shadow Cache

This talk describes the design of shadow cache, a lightweight component to track the working set size of Alluxio cache. Shadow cache can keep track of the working set size over the past window dynamically, and is implemented by a series of bloom filters. We’ve deployed the shadow cache in Facebook Presto and leverage the result to understand the system bottleneck and help with routing design decisions.

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Building a high-performance data lake analytics engine at Alibaba Cloud with Presto+Alluxio

Data Lake Analytics(DLA) is a large scale serverless data federation service on Alibaba Cloud. One of its serverless analytics engine is based on Presto. The DLA Presto engine supports a variety of data sources and is widely used in different application scenarios in the cloud. In this session, we will talk about the system architecture of DLA Presto engine, as well as the challenges and solutions. In particular, we will introduce the use of alluxio local cache to solve performance issues on OSS data sources caused by access delay and OSS bandwidth limitation. We will discuss the principle of alluxio local cache and some improvements we have made.

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The practice of Presto & Alluxio in E-commerce big data platform is one of the largest e-commerce corporations. In big data platform of, there are tens of thousands of nodes and tens of petabytes off-line data which require millions of spark and MapReduce jobs to process everyday. As the main query engine, thousands of machines work as Presto nodes and Presto plays an import role in the field of In-place analysis and BI tools. Meanwhile, Alluxio is deployed to improve the performance of Presto. The practice of Presto & Alluxio in benefits a lot of engineers and analysts.

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Presto: Fast SQL-on-anything across data lakes, DBMS, and NoSQL Data stores

Presto, an open source distributed SQL engine, is widely recognized for its low-latency queries, high concurrency, and native ability to query multiple data sources. Proven at scale in a variety of use cases at Comcast, GrubHub, FINRA, LinkedIn, Lyft, Netflix, Slack, Zalando, in the last few years Presto experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity in both on-premises and cloud deployments over Object Stores, HDFS, NoSQL and RDBMS data stores.

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Optimizing Latency-sensitive queries for Presto at Facebook: A Collaboration between Presto & Alluxio

For many latency-sensitive SQL workloads, Presto is often bound by retrieving distant data. In this talk, Rohit Jain from Facebook will introduce their teams’ collaboration with Alluxio on adding a local on-SSD Alluxio cache inside Presto workers at Facebook to improve queries with unsatisfied latency.

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