Simplify and Accelerate Your Geo-Distributed Analytics Platform at Scale

Today, many organizations are running a multitude of data-driven applications and data platforms that span multiple geographic regions and across heterogeneous environments – public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Further, the trend of separating compute resources from storage resources makes it easier to scale compute and storage independently, allowing organizations to keep up with new trends in data analytics and AI. In response, more organizations are modernizing their data platforms to meet their needs.

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Geo-distributed Analytics with NetApp StorageGRID and Alluxio

This presentation will include information about how Alluxio and NetApp StorageGRID helps enterprises accelerate the adoption of cloud and optimize their resource spend on a modern hybrid big data architecture. The conversation will cover use case and architecture info from a variety of enterprises and some of the high level technical details of how these business solutions are constructed.

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