Speed up large-scale ML/DL offline inference job with Alluxio

Increasingly powerful compute accelerators and large training dataset have made the storage layer a potential bottleneck in deep learning training/inference.
Offline inference job usually consumes and produces tens of tera-bytes data while running more than 10 hours.
For a large-scale job, it usually causes high IO pressure, increase job failure rate, and bring many challenges for system stability.
We adopt alluxio which acts as an intermediate storage tier between the compute tier and cloud storage to optimize IO throughput of deep learning inference job.
For the production workload, the performance improves 18% and we seldom see job failure because of storage issue.

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StorageQuery: federated querying on object stores, powered by Alluxio and Presto

Alluxio Global Online Meetup *

Over the last few years, organizations have worked towards the separation of storage and compute for a number of benefits in the areas of cost, data duplication and data latency. Cloud resolves most of these issues but comes to the expense of needing a way to query data on remote storages. Alluxio and Presto are a powerful combination to address the compute problem, which is part of the strategy used by Simbiose Ventures to create a product called StorageQuery – A platform to query files in cloud storages with SQL.

Bursting Spark or Presto Jobs to AWS using Alluxio

In this office hour, we demonstrate how a “zero-copy burst” solution helps to speed up Spark and Presto queries in the public cloud while eliminating the process of manually copying and synchronizing data from the on-premise data lake to cloud storage. This approach allows compute frameworks to decouple from on-premise data sources and scale efficiently by leveraging Alluxio and public cloud resources such as AWS.

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Tech Talk: Accelerating analytics in the cloud with the Starburst Presto + Alluxio stack

Join us for this tech talk where we’ll introduce the Starburst Presto, Alluxio, and cloud object store stack for building a highly-concurrent and low-latency analytics platform. This stack provides a strong solution to run fast SQL across multiple storage systems including HDFS, S3, and others in public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

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