Deploying Big Data Workloads on Object Storage Without Performance Penalty

Introduction As the amount of data being collected and analyzed by Enterprises continues to grow unabated, more attention is being placed on managing the cost of storing the data relative to performance. Hadoop provides a scalable and fast way of storing and analyzing data, however, the cost of storing data in Hadoop is typically higher … Continued

A Case For Packing And Indexing In Cloud File Systems

Small (kilobyte-sized) objects are the bane of highly scalable cloud object stores. Larger (at least megabytesized) objects not only improve performance, but also result in orders of magnitude lower cost, due to the current operation-based pricing model of commodity cloud object stores. For example, in Amazon S3’s current pricing scheme, uploading 1GiB data by issuing … Continued

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Enabling Decoupled Compute and Storage with Alluxio

Enabling Decoupled Compute and Storage with Alluxio This blog explores the benefits Alluxio brings to data platforms, including: The trends behind the rise of decoupled compute-storage architectures How Alluxio addresses data access issues for decoupled compute-storage architectures An example of Alluxio’s benefits using a SparkSQL workload Motivation The primary appeal of a coupled compute-storage architecture, … Continued