Alluxio Day 4

Community Virtual Event *

Join us for our 4th Alluxio Day community virtual event featuring speakers from Facebook, TikTok,
Tencent, and Intel.

Advancing GPU Analytics with RAPIDS Accelerator for Spark and Alluxio

RAPIDS is a set of open source libraries enabling GPU aware scheduling and memory representation for analytics and AI. Spark 3.0 uses RAPIDS for GPU computing to accelerate various jobs including SQL and DataFrame. With compute acceleration from massive parallelism on GPUs, there is a need for accelerating data access and this is what Alluxio enables for compute in any cloud. In this talk, you will learn how to use Alluxio and Spark with RAPIDS Accelerator on NVIDIA GPUs without any application changes.

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Alluxio Data Orchestration for Machine Learning

Alluxio’s capabilities as a Data Orchestration framework have encouraged users to onboard more of their data-driven applications to an Alluxio powered data access layer. Driven by strong interests from our open-source community, the core team of Alluxio started to re-design an efficient and transparent way for users to leverage data orchestration through the POSIX interface.

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Building a high-performance data lake analytics engine at Alibaba Cloud with Presto+Alluxio

Data Lake Analytics(DLA) is a large scale serverless data federation service on Alibaba Cloud. One of its serverless analytics engine is based on Presto. The DLA Presto engine supports a variety of data sources and is widely used in different application scenarios in the cloud. In this session, we will talk about the system architecture of DLA Presto engine, as well as the challenges and solutions. In particular, we will introduce the use of alluxio local cache to solve performance issues on OSS data sources caused by access delay and OSS bandwidth limitation. We will discuss the principle of alluxio local cache and some improvements we have made.

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