Data Access Across Data Centers, Regions, Or Clouds With Alluxio

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With data lakes expanding from on-prem to the cloud as well as increasing use of new object data stores, data platform teams are challenged with providing consistent, high-throughput access to distributed data sources for analytics and AI/ML applications. 

Introducing Alluxio, a data abstraction layer that bridges computation frameworks and storage systems. Alluxio is the only platform in the market today that brings together data locality with a distributed cache, API compatibility with popular data analytics and AI/ML frameworks, such as Presto, Spark, Hive, and Tensorflow, and a global namespace to federate data silos.

This whitepaper covers the top five use cases for Alluxio:

  • Use Case 1: Achieve consistent SLAs and cost savings in a single cloud
  • Use Case 2: Speed-up analytics on on-prem object stores
  • Use Case 3: Burst compute to a public cloud and gradually migrate
  • Use Case 4: Hybrid cloud gateway to utilize on-prem compute for data in the cloud
  • Use Case 5: Cross data center access without changing ingest pipelines across regions

A data abstraction layer that bridges computation frameworks and underlying storage systems