White Paper

Alluxio: A Virtual Distributed File System

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The world is entering the data revolution era. Along with the latest advancements of the Internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile devices, autonomous driving, and Internet of Things (IoT), the amount of data we are generating, collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing is growing exponentially. To store and process these data has exposed tremendous challenges and opportunities.

Alluxio presents a set of disparate data stores as a single file system, greatly reducing the complexity of storage APIs, and semantics exposed to applications. Alluxio is designed with a memory centric architecture, enabling applications to leverage memory speed I/O by simply using Alluxio. Alluxio has been deployed at hundreds of leading companies in production, serving critical workloads. Its open source community has attracted more than 800 contributors worldwide from over 200 companies.

In this dissertation, we also investigate lineage as an important technique in the VDFS to improve write performance, and also propose DFS-Perf, a scalable distributed file system performance evaluation framework to help researchers and developers better design and implement systems in the Alluxio ecosystem.