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Speed Up Uber’s Presto with Alluxio

A Simple Approach to Speed Up Presto Interactive Queries at Uber’s Scale Through Caching


March 3, 2022

Chen Liang from Uber and Beinan Wang from Alluxio will present the practical problems and interesting findings during the launch of Alluxio Local Cache. Their talk covers how Uber’s Presto team implements the cache invalidation and dashboard for Alluxio’s Local Cache. Chen Liang will also share his experience using a customized cache filter to resolve the performance degradation due to a large working set.  

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about Uber’s latest big data platform practice, including the use cases of batch and interactive queries
  • Learn about the challenges Uber’s big data team has encountered while maintaining the performance for large-scale business-critical interactive queries, and how Uber managed to solve them
  • Learn about a simple and clean caching solution that fits random data access patterns, and how it can be built into your application
  • Learn about what should be considered while architecting a caching solution for interactive queries, and how performance can be optimized and visualized to enhance the end-user experience