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Simplify Data Access for AI in Multi-Cloud

Optimizing PyTorch Training and Serving in Practice

Running AI/ML workloads in different clouds present unique challenges. The key to a manageable multi-cloud architecture is the ability to seamlessly access data across environments with high performance and low cost.

This webinar is designed for data platform engineers, data infra engineers, data engineers, and ML engineers who work with multiple data sources in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Chanchan and Bin will guide the audience through using Alluxio to greatly simplify data access and make model training and serving more efficient in these environments.

You will learn:

  • How to access data in multi-region, hybrid, and multi-cloud like accessing a local file system
  • How to run PyTorch to read datasets and write checkpoints to remote storage with Alluxio as the distributed data access layer
  • Real-world examples and insights from tech giants like Uber, AliPay and more