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Online Meetup: Powering Data Science and AI with Apache Spark, Alluxio, and IBM

Spark is a widely adopted open source framework that provides a unified interface for analytics and machine learning workloads. Alluxio, originating from the UC Berkeley AMPLab – the same lab as Spark, is an open source data orchestration platform that empowers compute frameworks like Spark by providing stateful caching to enable efficient data sharing between multiple jobs and improving resilience against job failures as well as bringing data together from many different sources, be it remote HDFS or cloud object stores. 

Alluxio partnered with IBM to deliver a Spark-based solution to provide fast data analytics. With the integration of IBM Spectrum Conductor, an advanced workload and resource management platform that maximizes hardware utilization to speed results and cut infrastructure costs, Alluxio and IBM delivered a solution that powers leading telecom company’s applications to support 320 million subscribers. In this online meetup, we will present the benefits of the fast analytics stack of Spark on Alluxio and IBM and dive into a leading telecom’s use case of leveraging Spark and Alluxio to process massive amounts of mobile data.

In this online meetup, you will learn about:

  • Why the leading companies are moving towards a decoupled compute and storage architecture, and the associated challenges and requirements.
  • Why Spark and Alluxio together can solve the challenges and fulfill the requirements 
  • How leading telecom leverages Spark with Alluxio for fast data processing at scale on top of object store and HDFS


Yonggang Hu, Chief Architect at Spectrum Computing, IBM
Yonggang Hu is Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect at IBM Spectrum Computing. He has been working on distributed computing, grid, cloud and big data for the past 20 years. Before joining Spectrum Computing, Yonggang was Vice President and Application Architect at JPMorgan Chase focusing on computational analytics and application infrastructure. Yonggang holds MS in Computer Science from Peking University and MBA from Cornell University.

Bin Fan, Founding Engineer & VP of OS, Alluxio
Bin Fan is the founding engineer and VP of Open Source at Alluxio, Inc. Prior to Alluxio, he worked for Google to build the next-generation storage infrastructure. Bin received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University on the design and implementation of distributed systems.

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