Intel and Big Data Ecosystem

Bay Area Alluxio Meetup – Big data ecosystem is moving with massive energy, customers are from healthcare, retail, transportation, and other fields are benefiting significantly from the business insights derived. As the data growth continues, storage technologies and distributed memory systems are becoming even more important for real time decision making and insight discovery. Intel … Continued

Getting Started with Alluxio + Spark + S3

Bay Area Alluxio Meetup – Enabling and improving the integrations between different systems in the Big Data ecosystem is a main focus of Alluxio. The most common stack is compute frameworks on top of Alluxio and under storage systems below Alluxio. Using this architecture brings significant benefits to both sides of Alluxio: Compute frameworks benefit … Continued

Accessing Data Anywhere with Unified Namespace

Bay Area Alluxio Meetup – Alluxio’s unified namespace is an abstraction that makes it possible to access multiple independent storage systems through the same namespace and interface. Leveraging Alluxio’s unified namespace provides the following benefits: Future-proofing your applications: applications can communicate with different storage systems, both existing and new, using the same namespace and interface; … Continued