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O’Reilly AI Conference Keynote: Data Orchestration for AI, Big Data, and Cloud

Alluxio Open Source creator Haoyuan Li‘s keynote at O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference discusses data revolution trend, the inevitable journey of data silos, and the missing piece of the data world – Data Orchestration System!

The data ecosystem has heavily evolved over the past two decades. There’s been an explosion of data-driven frameworks, such as Presto, Hive, and Spark to run analytics and ETL queries and TensorFlow and PyTorch to train and serve models. On the data side, the approach to managing and storing data has evolved from HDFS to cheaper, more scalable and separated services typified by cloud stores like AWS S3. As a result, data engineering has become increasingly complex, inefficient, and hard, particularly in hybrid and cloud environments.

Haoyuan Li offers an overview of a data orchestration layer that provides a unified data access and caching layer for single cloud, hybrid, and multicloud deployments. It enables distributed compute engines like Presto, TensorFlow, and PyTorch to transparently access data from various storage systems (including S3, HDFS, and Azure) while actively leveraging an in-memory cache to accelerate data access.


Presentation slides:

You can find many production use cases’ details here. If you have any questions regarding the open source data orchestration system, welcome to join our community slack channel!