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Introduction to Alluxio: Understanding the Storage Layer that Handles Big Data

Alluxio is the solution of choice for big companies who need to manage data at multi-petabyte scale. In this course, PMC member Calvin Jia offers a full-blown Alluxio tour to any data scientist, developer or system administrator looking to improve the performance of their workloads, develop applications with Alluxio, or deploy and manage Alluxio clusters.

He offers a high level view (why Alluxio was developed, the problems it solves, who uses it, etc.) as well as a hands-on practicum. You’ll set-up your own deployment (locally and in a cluster) using a compute framework on top of Alluxio, connecting it to multiple persistent data stores while preserving one namespace. Take this course and you’ll come away knowing the benefits Alluxio brings to big data stacks.

  • Understand the features and benefits of Alluxio and master the basics of how to use it
  • Discover why companies like Intel, Baidu, and Alibaba use Alluxio for their big data needs
  • Learn how the storage unification layer bridges computation frameworks and storage systems
  • Gain practical experience deploying Alluxio in local and cluster modes
  • Learn how to use Alluxio tools like the command line and the web UI
  • Explore the Alluxio open source ecosystem and learn who the players are

Calvin Jia is the software engineer from Alluxio, Inc. who co-led the “Unified Namespace and Tiered Storage in Alluxio” session at Strata+Hadoop World 2016 San Jose. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley.