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Enterprise Distributed Query Service Powered by Presto & Alluxio Across Clouds at WalmartLabs

This DATA ORCHESTRATION SUMMIT session talks about challenges associated with querying diverse data sources at Walmart and how those are tackled using Presto & Alluxio.

How Alluxio caching was leveraged to provide consistent optimized query performance within and across clouds.

Also highlights implementation of critical components for Enterprise acceleration offering such as security integration for fine grained access control, auto-scaling & auto deployment in GCP.


Ashish Tadose is a Principal Software Engineer at WalmartLabs.
He has vast experience in building scalable, high performant products leveraging distributed systems in the DNS, security, ad tech and retail domain. At WalmartLabs he is responsible for building data products to power DataLake and also contribute to designing of overall data and cloud strategy.
He is passionate about Data technologies and solution architecting for large scale data processing systems and likes to explore and contribute to open source technologies.

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