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Alluxio Product School Webinar – Distributed Caching for Generative AI: Optimizing LLM Data Pipeline

As the AI landscape rapidly evolves, the advancements in generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, are driving a need for robust data infrastructures tailored for large language model (LLM) training and inference in the cloud. To effectively leverage the breakthroughs in LLM, organizations must ensure low latency, high concurrency, and scalability in production environments.

In this Alluxio-hosted webinar, Shouwei presented on the design and implementation of a distributed caching system that addresses the I/O challenges of LLM training and inference. He explored the unique requirements of data access patterns and offer practical best practices for optimizing the data pipeline through distributed caching in the cloud. The session featured insights from real-world examples, such as Microsoft, Tencent, and Zhihu, as well as from the open-source community. Watch this recording to get a deeper understanding of how to harness scalable, efficient, and robust data infrastructures for LLM training and inference.