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AI Infra Day | The Generative AI Market And Intel AI Strategy and Product Update

ChatGPT and other massive models represents an amazing step forward in AI, yet they do not solve real-world business problems. In this session, Jordan Plawner, Global Director of Artificial Intelligence Product Manager and Strategy at Intel, surveys how the AI ecosystem has worked non-stop over this last year to take these all-purpose multi-task models and optimize them to they can be used by organizations to address domain specific problems. He explains these new AI-for-the-real world techniques and methods such as fine tuning and how they can be applied to deliver results which are highly performant with state-of-the-art accuracy while also being economical to build and deploy everywhere to enhance products and services.

Jordan Plawner is Intel’s Global Director of Artificial Intelligence Product Management and Strategy. He is responsible for the development of the Intel’s AI Developer and Product Platform. He works closely with customers and ecosystem partners to understand their AI workload and infrastructure requirements to ensure customers can easily integrate Intel AI and accelerate the time to solution. Jordan is also a member of Intel’s AI leadership team setting business and product strategy, advancing collaboration across business units, and communicating strategy and the customer’s AI journey to management, customers, and conference audiences. Previously, he was responsible for workload acceleration strategy and IP Planning for the Intel Xeon product line and assisted in the development of Intel’s Cloud Service Provider business. Over his 25 years at Intel, Jordan worked in data center technologies and server, Ethernet networking, and data storage products and is responsible for operationalizing complex product roadmap strategies and expanding Intel product offerings into new markets.