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AI Infra Day | Accelerate Your Model Training and Serving with Distributed Caching

In this session, Adit Madan, Director of Product Management at Alluxio, presents an overview of using distributed caching to accelerate model training and serving. He explores the requirements of data access patterns in the ML pipeline and offer practical best practices for using distributed caching in the cloud. This session features insights from real-world examples, such as AliPay, Zhihu, and more.


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Adit Madan is the Director of Product Management at Alluxio. Adit has extensive experience in distributed systems, storage systems, and large-scale data analytics. Adit holds an MS from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS from the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi. Adit is the Director of Product Management at Alluxio and is also a core maintainer and Project Management Committee (PMC) member of the Alluxio Open Source project.