Solution Brief

AWS + Alluxio: Data Orchestration for Analytics & AI in the cloud

Many organizations have taken advantage of the scalability and cost-savings of cloud computing as well as cloud storage services to meet their data-powered workload demands. In addition, as data is increasingly siloed and lives everywhere, there’s a need for data orchestration to bring the needed data closer to compute. With Alluxio’s data orchestration platform, bring back data locality for your compute with in-memory & tiered data access.

Key Benefits:

• Cache data from S3 for Spark, Presto or Hive co-locating it on the same instance as compute
• Scale analytics workloads directly on remote, on-prem data without copying and syncing data into the cloud
• Improve performance with better data locality and get HDFS & S3 compatible data access layer on AWS EMR automatically synced with S3.