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Running Solr in the Cloud at Memory Speed with Alluxio

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In this talk, I introduce Alluxio, the fastest growing open source project in the big data ecosystem, and show how to leverage it for optimizing Solr performance. I’ll begin with a brief introduction about how Alluxio works and why it’s interesting for the Solr community. Next, I describe how to run Solr on Alluxio and cover basic integration scenarios. Lastly, I provide some performance comparisons between running Solr on Alluxio vs. a local FS and HDFS. Attendees will come away with a new toolset to help them use Solr to tackle a wide array of big data problems.

Timothy Potter, Solr committer & PMC member [Lucidworks]
Timothy is a Lucene/Solr committer, PMC member, and senior engineer at Lucidworks where he leads the analytics framework team for Fusion. His current focus is on integrating Solr and Spark for large-scale analytics use cases. Prior to joining Lucidworks, Timothy was a big data architect for a social media analytics company where he specialized in large-scale search, text mining, and machine learning. Tim is the co-author of Solr In Action from Manning.


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