360 & Alluxio Joint Meetup: Distributed Storage and Alluxio Application

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Using Alluxio POSIX (FUSE) API in JD.com

  • Alluxio FUSE landing in Jingdong
  • Deep analysis of Alluxio FUSE principle and architecture
  • How to improve POSIX compatibility of Alluxio FUSE
  • JD’s contribution to the Alluxio community

Hongtong Liu joined Jingdong in 2017, worked as a distributed storage system expert, responsible for development and optimization of Linux Kernel, ext4, HDFS, Alluxio FUSE, ceph, etc.

Building Big Data Platform “Pingo” in Baidu Using Alluxio

  • Baidu data factory Pingo, introducing its positioning and solving problems
  • Based on Alluxio implemented a file management service layer in Pingo, and we extended Alluxio’s UFS, added an inheritance-based ACL permissions mechanism, and provided file-based UDF management functions.
  • Briefly introduce other Pingo function points

Zhihong Zhang joined Baidu Big Data Department in 2013 and participated in the construction of Baidu Big Data Platform as a core member. Currently, he is the technical leader of the Pingo core team of Baidu Data Factory.