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Getting Started with the Alluxio-Presto Sandbox

The Alluxio-Presto sandbox is a docker application featuring installations of MySQL, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, and Alluxio. The sandbox lets you easily dive into an interactive environment where you can explore Alluxio, run queries with Presto, and see the performance benefits of using Alluxio in a big data software stack.

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Slides from our latest talks
Alluxio – Virtual Unified File System

Learn more about Alluxio, a virtual unified file system and data orchestration layer for big data and machine learning workloads in the cloud. … Continued

Slides from our latest talks
Alluxio+Presto: An Architecture for Fast SQL in the Cloud

Bay Area Meetup 2018 - Alluxio is the data orchestration layer between storage and compute, bringing your data closer to your Presto workloads for … Continued

White Papers
Alluxio Architecture and Data Flow

Alluxio was created because we saw a need for innovation at the data layer rising from the growing complexity of connecting multiple compute frameworks … Continued

Slides from our latest talks
Data EcoSystem 2.0

Learn more about data unification for the digital economy and how Alluxio's data orchestration brings your data to your compute, wherever it's located. … Continued

Slides from our latest talks
Alluxio Overview: Unify Data at Memory Speed

Alluxio is an open source software solution that connects analytics applications to heterogeneous data sources through a data orchestration layer that sits between compute … Continued