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Getting Started with the Alluxio-Presto Sandbox

The Alluxio-Presto sandbox is a docker application featuring installations of MySQL, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, and Alluxio. The sandbox lets you easily dive into an interactive environment where you can explore Alluxio, run queries with Presto, and see the performance benefits of using Alluxio in a big data software stack.

Slides from our latest talks
Running Spark & Alluxio in Kubernetes

The data orchestration layer bridging the gap between data locality with improved performance and data accessibility for analytics workloads in Kubernetes, and enables portability … Continued

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White Papers
Apache Spark DataFrame caching with Alluxio

Introduction Many organizations deploy Alluxio together with Spark for performance gains and data manageability benefits. Qunar recently deployed Alluxio in production, and their Spark streaming … Continued

Alluxio video presentations
Alluxio at Spark Summit EU 2017

We briefly introduce Alluxio and present different ways Alluxio can help Spark jobs, along with best practices. We also discuss how Alluxio can be … Continued

Slides from our latest talks
Alluxio Product Overview

Alluxio is the world’s first memory-centric virtual distributed file system. In this brief overview, you’ll discover why we built Alluxio, the three enabling innovations … Continued