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Efficient Model Training in the Cloud with Kubernetes, TensorFlow, and Alluxio

A collaboration of Alibaba, Alluxio, and Nanjing University in tackling the problems of Deep Learning model training in the cloud. Our goal was to reduce the cost and complexity of data access for Deep Learning training in a hybrid environment, which resulted in over 40% reduction in training time and cost.

Everything you want to know about how to decouple SQL engines from Hive Data Warehouse

Are you using SQL engines, such as Presto, to query existing Hive data warehouse and experiencing challenges including overloaded Hive Metastore with slow and unpredictable access, unoptimized data formats and layouts such as too many small files, or lack of influence over the existing Hive system and other Hive applications?

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White Papers
Alluxio Architecture and Data Flow

Alluxio was created because we saw a need for innovation at the data layer rising from the growing complexity of connecting multiple compute frameworks … Continued

Slides from our latest talks
Data EcoSystem 2.0

Learn more about data unification for the digital economy and how Alluxio's data orchestration brings your data to your compute, wherever it's located. … Continued

Slides from our latest talks
Alluxio Overview: Unify Data at Memory Speed

Alluxio is an open source software solution that connects analytics applications to heterogeneous data sources through a data orchestration layer that sits between compute … Continued