Modern Data Platform Excellence Series

The Trino Optimization Handbook

Best Practices and Tuning Tips

(with SQL codes, configuration settings, session properties, examples, and real-world case studies!)

Your 🐰 queries are slow 🐢 ... you're frustrated 😩 ...

Don't let suboptimal Trino performance hold you back any longer!

Unlock the full potential of Trino and transform your data analytics game. Discover the secrets behind Trino's query engine and learn how to overcome bottlenecks to achieve⚡ blazing-fast  query performance.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn:

  • How Trino runs queries under the hood
  • What bottlenecks can impact query performance in the query lifecycle
  • How to refine Trino for optimal query performance
  • Seven best practices for maximizing Trino query efficiency, including configuration settings, session properties, and SQL statements
  • Real-world examples of Trino optimizations using caching

If you’re using Presto (PrestoDB), check out The Presto Optimization Handbook here.

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Product School Webinar

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On-demand video

Boosting Trino Performance: Expert Tips for Tuning and Optimization