Modern Data Platform Excellence Series

The Presto Optimization Handbook

Best Practices and Tuning Tips

(with SQL codes, configuration settings, session properties, examples, and real-world case studies!)

If you are using Presto (PrestoDB) as the distributed query engine for data analytics, this comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for maximizing Presto's potential on your data platform.

Get the best practices that have helped industry giants like Meta, Uber, and Walmart improve query performance by 3~10x. You will learn:

  • How Presto query engine runs queries under the hood
  • Identifying bottlenecks that impact query performance in the query lifecycle
  • Refining Presto for optimal query performance
  • Seven best practices for maximizing Presto query efficiency, including configuration settings, session properties, and SQL statements
  • Presto optimizations at Uber scale and Fortune 1 scale

If you're using Trino (formerly PrestoSQL), check out The Trino Optimization Handbook here.