The Ultimate Guide to Saving Data Egress Costs in the Cloud

Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization

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Did you know major cloud service providers encourage you to put data in the cloud and charge you to get it out? Discover everything you need to know about data egress costs and never be surprised by a bill again.

An IDC survey¹ revealed that almost everyone (99%) incur planned or unplanned egress fees, and 41% incur these fees frequently. The impact of these charges is further highlighted by a study conducted by S&P Global², which found that 34% of enterprises have had to repatriate data on-premises or switch to a provider that doesn't charge for egress.

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  • What egress fee is and why it matters
  • AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure pricing model and the egress fees
  • Best practices to help reduce egress costs up to 80%, including:
    • Leveraging data caching to avoid roundtrips
    • Streamlining data pipelines to minimize data replication
    • Optimizing the data flow of your architecture

¹IDC, Future-proofing Storage: Modernizing Infrastructure for Data Growth Across Hybrid, Edge, and Cloud Ecosystem, March 2021.

²S&P Global Market Intelligence, Data center interconnection faces cloud-native competition, March 2022.