Case Study

Speeding Up the Atlas Supercomputing Platform with Fluid + Alluxio

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Unisound is an artificial intelligence company focusing on Internet of Things services. Unisound’s AI technology stacks include the perception and expression capabilities of signals, voices, images, and texts, and the cognitive technologies such as knowledge, understanding, analysis, and decision-making, towards a multi-modal AI system. Atlas is the supercomputing platform supporting all kinds of AI applications including model training and reasoning inferencing. 

Unisound has built the industry-leading GPU/CPU heterogeneous computing and distributed file system, called Atlas. This platform provides AI applications with high-performance computing and data access capabilities at a massive scale. Based on the Kubernetes open source architecture, the Unisound team has developed the core features and successfully built an AI supercomputing platform with a floating-point processing capacity of more than 10 PFLOPS (100 million times per second). The platform supports the main machine learning frameworks, and developers can efficiently research and develop core applications such as voice, NLP, big data, multimodal, etc. The platform also serves external customers such as SMBs and research institutions with customized computing and storage capabilities.