Case Study

Achieving Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture With Application Portability

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A Fortune 50 technology company that serves over 1 billion users successfully implemented Alluxio to achieve a hybrid cloud strategy, become multi-cloud ready, cut costs, and boost agility.

This case study highlights:

  • This tech giant's cloud journey to modernize its data platform and the challenges it faces
  • Why this company chose Alluxio to achieve hybrid and multi-cloud
  • The architecture and best practices of hybrid and multi-cloud data platform architecture with Alluxio
  • How Alluxio helps the company standardize the data stack and access data anywhere across all environments

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Expedia Group is an American online travel shopping company with 20+ brands. The central data lake has migrated to the cloud with legacy brand data lakes remaining in other cloud regions, creating data silos. Cross-region data access is expensive. Replicating data to the central data lake was slow, error-prone and costly. 

Expedia Group has implemented Alluxio to federate cross-region data lakes. Alluxio unifies geo-distributed data silos without replication, enabling consistent and high performance with ~50% reduced costs.