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Ctrip is a leading Chinese provider of travel services including accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing. It uses Alluxio to boost performance of Spark SQL workloads and alleviate the pressure on HDFS Name Node. In addition, Alluxio is deployed as the single entry to unify two HDFS clusters.

DBS Bank

DBS is the leading financial services group headquartered in Singapore. DBS built their data-intensive compute independent of the storage, and based on technologies like Spark, Alluxio and object stores.


Didi Chuxing is a major Chinese ride-sharing, AI and autonomous technology company. It leverages Alluxio for several purposes inside the data analytics platform: (1) accelerating data access from the remote data centers (2) integrating the data from several different data sources from different data centers (3) sharing the data across the jobs and compute frameworks


eSentire leads the industry in Managed Detection and Response services. It uses Alluxio together with Spark Streaming/SQL and Cassandra in creating an analytics architecture with missions-critical response times to fight cybercrime.


ESRI leverages Alluxio in its mapping and spatial analytics software to read and write geospatial data to a plethora of distributed data stores, such as Amazon S3, HDFS, or OpenStack Swift, including data stores are not natively supported by the ArcGIS platform.

Guardant Health
Guardant Health

Guardant Health is the world leader in comprehensive liquid biopsy. With Alluxio, Minio, and Spark, Guardant Health is able to create a performant and robust yet scalable system to perform large scale data processing in a cloud-native manner.

Huatai Securities

Huatai deploys Alluxio Enterprise as the storage layer that unifies data from disparate sources at memory speed, providing high performance and a predictable SLA for leveraging even petabytes of data.


Huawei bands together with Alluxio to release a big data storage acceleration solution, integrating Huawei’s FusionStorage with Alluxio’s memory-speed virtual distributed storage system, to realize unified data management, improved analysis efficiency, faster application performance and popularize big data for processes including storage, analysis, and archiving.


Huya is the leading live streaming platform in China focused on gaming. Huya is using Alluxio to cache data across different data centers to speed up the analytics jobs and avoid reading data remotely repeatedly.